Researcher - INEB
INEB – Porto  (

  • Team leader at the BioImaging Group of the Biomedical Engineering Institute (INEB), Porto.  Responsible for the assessment of imaging problems, design of the solution and test/validation of the developed prototypes. Representative of the group in national and international consortiums and organizer of several conferences/symposium both in Portugal and Abroad. 
  • Main focus of research in on robust segmentation/ detection of objects (cells and structures) in images using machine learning and local interest point detectors/descriptors. Developing microscopy image data analysis algorithm and software for description, indexing and categorization of experimental data using state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms. Work involves dealing with large video and image data (>1GB files) and developing software capable of dealing with such data when used in personal computers (low memory and speed capability).
  • Leader of several tasks in projects in the areas of 2D/3D segmentation, data mining, image registration and patch based classification of large images.
  • Supervising several students and collaborating with several national and international researchers in the areas of Biology, Computer Vision and Machine Learning.
Invited Professor - FEUP
Engineering College of Porto  – Porto  (
  • Invited assistant professor at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (DEEC) at the College of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP). Teaching C/C++ programming (undergrad level), Machine Learning and Computer Vision (PhD. Level).
Invited Professor - CMU
Carnegie Mellon University  – PA,USA  (
  • Invited professor at the Electrical and Computer Engineering department of the Department of electrical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), as a part of the CMU/Portugal Faculty Exchange Program Period (scholarship).  Main tasks were related to research in image based medical diagnosis research and image analysis teaching to master students.

Post-Doc - INEB
INEB – Porto  (

  • Post-doctoral researcher at the BioImaging Group of INEB, Porto. Research on plant cell modeling for growth characterization from confocal laser scanning microscopy images. Part of the European ERA-Net on Plant Genomics project, in which developed work of management and development/deployment of acquisition and analysis tools.
  • Work was focused on local interest point detectors for image registration in time-lapse videos (2D and 3D) and cell detection in noisy images, wavelets for symmetry analysis (structure) and non-local image noise reduction. Also developed specific image mosaicking and 3D deconvolution approaches for confocal microscopy imaging.
  • Developed several working software prototypes for image registration, cell level image quantification, noise reduction and video stabilization, which are still used in several labs in Europe. Also designed and deployed an online microscope time-lapse automation tool (Leica API).
Research Engineer Intern - Google
Google - Zurich  (
  • Internship in the Computer Vision research group at Google (Zurich), under the supervision of Frederik Schaffalitzky. Working on the implementation of local interest point extraction methods and 2-view matching, towards the extraction of 3D information for 3D reconstruction of urban environments.
  • Worked on OpenCV, MapReduce, SIFT detectors and approximate matching methods (C++, UNIX). Programmed large image search software (>100000 images) using massive datacenters distributed processing (>1000 cores), using approximated search and metrics (spill Trees and inverse trees).  Performed software design, code reviews and unit test development for deployed software.
Research Engineer Intern – NEC Labs
NEC – USA  (
  • Internship at NEC Labs Inc., Princeton, NJ. Under the supervision of Eric Cosatto. Research on a system capable of parsing/ranking low resolution cancer tissue images based on visual structure, using local features/descriptors and wavelets. Programming in MatLab, C++ and Lisp.
Researcher Assistant- IDIAP
IDIAP – Switzerland  (
  • Main research area on generic object/scene recognition using Local Invariant Descriptors  and Latent Space Analysis methods. Working on UNIX clusters using C++ and MatLab.
  • Studied machine learning and information retrieval methodologies as applied to image retrieval and categorization. Work develop included large comparison of image segmentation approaches for image region categorization and feature selection for dimensionality reduction and increased robustness of machine learning and search methodologies. Developed solution for search of images in large collections.